Shipping Overseas & New Packing Factory

It’s been a busy month for us here Mad Gett’s farm…

After finally getting the go ahead to expand our lands, we’ve been super busy getting adjusted to our expanded lebensraum.

It’s always been our ambition to massively expand the original square of land that Josiah’s family originally held, so we’re overjoyed that we’re slowly getting there. The increased acreage that we now have out disposal has given us the space to expand our operations and diversify our products. We’re thankful to have produced our first crop of British herbs from our newly built poly-tunnels and are really excited to see where 2019 will take us next.

For the time beingĀ  we’ve been adding some much needed infrastructure to our land here, so that we can reap back the dividend in the long-term…

Now taking orders from overseas

We’re happy to announce that starting in March we will be taking wholesale orders from our farm here in Norfolk to mainland. Increased interest in our British produce has come at just the right time and, despite the current tumultuous political climate, we’re in the process of signing a number of deals with our European friends in both Germany and France. We’ve always believed that the Mad Gett brand has the potential to become an international business, but we didn’t expect to get interest this soon. Our high-quality pork products will be winging their way out to farm shops and delicatessens in the EU by April.

Constructions begins on packing factory

Ongoing expansions has led to our packaging costs increasing exponentially, so we’ve taken the tactical decision to construct a packing factory that should go a long way to helping us cut down these costs. Of course, an entire packing factory doesn’t come cheap, we’ll spend the next few months commissioning architects and designers to mastermind a modern factory that should help us pack up all of our products here into environmentally friendly wooden crates and boxes. Once the factory is completed (hopefully before the end of the year) we’ll have more jobs open for the locals!

We take some pigs out to pasture

We love our pigs here, they’re an essential part of our business on Mad Gett’s Farm and many of them are descended from the sows that Josiah himself reared in the early days of his enterprise. There comes a time in many pig’s lives that they are simply of no more commercial use to the farm. At this point many farmers decide to send their animals off to an abattoir for a cheap farewell, but we believe that just because our animals aren’t profitable doesn’t mean that they should be killed. This week we packed of 4 of our old sows to a petting farm to retire. They’ve always been popular with visiting kids here, so it’s only fitting that they live out the rest of their days keeping other little ones entertained!

New dogs arrive on the farm!

Finally, just as we say goodbye to a few of our old friends, we say hello to two more! Jasper and Ginny are a couple of Australian Cattle Dogs who have certainly come a long way to stay with us. We’ve not had dogs on the Farm for a few years since we lost Old Meg, but we though it was time to bring some canine companionship back to Mad Gett’s. We’ll be training these two pups for the next few months, so keep an eye out for them on the blog!

New Year, New Farm

Happy New Year!

2019 is here at last and with it comes a host of new changes to Mad Gett’s Farm.

We’re always trying to do our jobs a little better, make our food that extra bit wholesome and spread the word about our historically founded environmental efforts. Thanks to a record-breaking year in 2018, we’ve managed to continue expanding our lands and have been able to take on more hands to help us out with it. This forward progress is really good news, it means that we’re doing something right and that we can continue bringing our unique brand of goods to more folks around the UK.

Here are the top pieces of news from Mad Gett’s Farm:

Expanding Our Lands

We’re not ones to rest on our laurels! Many companies would follow a successful year with a year of consolidation, but we believed that we could accomplish even more if we just had a little more land to work with.

Mad Gett’s original plot is now somewhat dwarfed by our modern acreage, but that hasn’t stopped us from applying his time-tested philosophies to our current activities. We’ve made it our aim to take Josiah’s original vision and expand it exponentially, until his name is known throughout the world. This new expansion is the first step towards doing just that.

We now produce herbs!

We’ve listened to your request and we’ve reacted accordingly! You’ve told us about how frustrated you are with constantly seeing herbs in the supermarket that have travelled thousands of miles to get to your dinner plate, so we’ve begun growing our very own British herbs in our tunnels here on the farm. We love cooking just as much as the next person, so we’re excited to get our teeth stuck into our next challenge, as well as our first meal using our own herbs!

Have you visited our Farm Shop?

Last year we spent a considerable amount of money restoring the original Gett farm house back to its former glory and are proud to say that the work is finally complete!

The building had stood in ruin for a while and we simply didn’t have the heart to knock the place down, so we decided that it should be the location for our brand new Farm Shop. We’ve traditionally sold all our product on to wholesalers and supermarket, but now we’ve got a shop we can welcome guests into the very heart of our enterprise. We’re also going to be selling the very best of local Norfolk produce, so do get in touch if you’d like us to see some of your local produce.

Bringing On New Hands…

We’re really happy to welcome four new members to the Mad Gett’s family. Jason and Mary have been brought on to help us get the Farm Shop off the ground, they’ve both got considerable experience in the retail sector and are thrilled to be joining us at such an exciting time in the business’ history. Todd and Sam are the new additions to our farming team, they’re a couple of young whippersnappers who have recently graduated from agricultural college and are full of fantastic new ideas that we can’t wait to incorporate into our day to day duties.