Doors, Windows & Japanese Knotweed

2019 continues to chug along at a frightening speed, as we hurtle closer towards Spring!

Getting the farmers active!

We’ve mentioned before how slow and drowsy Winter can feel. During these months we tend to not produce as much goods, and as a result we can feel just a bit more sluggish than usual. We’ve noticed how our employees change over the course of the year and thought that we’d try energising them with an optional workout routine that should get them out of their fugs and into a more happy and productive state! We’ve invited local trainer Dwight Terrence in to get the workforce going and we’re hoping that he’ll bring a smile to everyone’s face for what remains of Winter.

Talking to employees about how they want to work

We’re reaching a crucial stage on the road to the construction and now the time has come to ask our employees about what they’d like from their factory. We believe that in order for our workers to be at their most productive, they should be comfortable in their work environment. By giving them a real choice as to what their workplace will be like, we’re hoping they’ll feel a sense of ownership, as if the factory were their home. We’ll be conducting brief questionnaires with our team this week to get an idea of what they’d like to see in their packing factory.

Choosing the right contemporary doors

Now that the design process is almost complete, we can begin choosing the actual components that will be going into our factory, that’s meant spending a long time looking at doors and window fittings! We’re really thankful to our architectural team for setting out a selection of contemporary doors for us to choose from.  We want that factory to stand the test of time in both practicality and style, which means investing in fashionable, hard-wearing fittings that might cost a bit more than your average door. No cost is too great for us, as this packing factory will be a part of our business for decades to come.

Tackling a knotweed infestation

Some rather troubling news came to us through one of our farm hands last month that there was a patch of a suspicious looking plants growing around the back of one of our sheds. Closer inspection revealed it to be Japanese knotweed, a particularly troublesome plant that can be costly to landowners.

We’ve contacted some legal experts on Japanese knotweed to get a grip on what we’re dealing with here and see if there’s any way we can avoid paying for the removal of this plant. As we’ve recently bought the property there’s a chance that it has been here for years and our land surveyor may have missed it on his original inspection – he may live to regret that mistake!

Trialling our new Sausage recipe

We’ve recently decided to overhaul our decades-old sausage recipe in order to bring the quality of our products about to a standard that we hope will appeal more to an oversees audience. As with all our work, we’ve began focusing on talking to our customers and employees, ensuring that Mad Gett’s OG Sausages remain true to their roots. This week we’ve been trialling a new recipe that puts our very own British-grown Sage at the front and centre of the flavour profile. We love a herby sausage, and so far it looks like our customers do too! We’ll be finalising the sausage recipe in a few weeks time and can’t wait to show you all what we’ve got!

Jasper & Ginny are growing quickly

Finally, Jasper and Ginny have made some real progress in the last couple of weeks. They’re starting to pick up our simple vocal commands and have even learnt a few tricks. As they’ve both grown, we’ve started to gain an understanding of their personalities; Jasper is certainly the alpha-male, always bossing his sister about, whereas Ginny loves attention from everyone – she’s a real sucker for a cuddle still!

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