Who Is Mad Gett?

Learn about our history…

In order to understand why we do things the way we do them here on the Farm, it’s important that you understand bit about its namesake.

Despite what you might assume, Mad Gett was anything but ‘mad’, in the traditional sense of the term, far from it in fact. Josiah Edward Gett was a forward thinking farmer who pioneered many techniques and philosophies that are instilled in modern farmers to this day. Although he might not have gained the same kind of notoriety as many of the academics whose textbooks line the walls of agricultural universities, Josiah laid the foundations for a new kind of farming that served as a precursor to 21st century organic methods.

A Learned Childhood

Josiah was the fifth of a brood of 12 Getts. Born in 1904, his father was a man of devout belief and stout traditionalism. Their family’s farm could be traced back for centuries, a fact that Josiah was constantly reminded of.

The fact the Getts had remained on the small scrap of land in the Nofolk marshlands for centuries and had not managed to expand their enterprise or lands in that time was a constant source of worry for the patriarch. In keeping with the relatively recent laws, Josiah and his siblings were given a formal education until the age of 13.

Reaching Higher Education

Against his Father’s wishes, Josiah became the first Gett to receive a Higher Education. Whilst the rest of this family worked on the family farm, Josiah left home study at Bicton Agricultural College in the South West of England. Whilst he was studying in Devon he met his future wife Alison and became interested in alternative approaches to working with the land. With the permission of her Father, Josiah married Alison and brought her home to Norfolk.

The Getts Rise

In the aftermath of World War I, the Getts’ family farm was in near ruin. The elder boys had been lost during the conflict and their father had become a shell of himself as a result. Returning home with Alison, Josiah decided to start fresh. With the help of what remained of his family he applied what he’d learned at Bicton, in conjunction with his own ideas, Josiah completely transformed the way that the Getts’ farm worked, making care of the land and animals a top priority.

It was his belief that if the consumer could be convinced of his altruistic efforts then their end product would sell more. His neighbours called him ‘that Mad Getts boy’, and he wore the name with pride.

We’ve tried to continue farming in a way that would make Josiah proud and have named our farm in his honour. Take a look at our blog to see how we approach our business, from the start of the process to the finished product on your plate.